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Pedicure Services


Pedicure Services


19) Organic Lemongrass - $50.00

Very soothing smell of lemongrass takes you to another place. Includes callus treatment, hot stones, paraffin wax, mask, scrub lemongrass and massage.

20) Mandarin Mango - $50.00

Want to feel spiced up and exotic, treat yourself to an exotic mango pedicure. Includes callus treatment, scrub exfoliation, hot stones, hot wax, mask exotic mango scent and massage.

21) Cafe Cappuccino - $50.00

With a coffee in hand and a cappuccino pedicure, you will be refreshed for the day. Includes callus treatment, scrub exfoliation, hot stones, paraffin wax, mask, cappuccino scent, and massage.

22) LOVELY DAY - $65.00

Most pampered pedicure at Charming Nails. Treat someone special like Yourself. Includes everything. Pitaya Dragon Fruit Scent, with a 20 min. massage plus 5 min. shoulder massage.


Fully detoxify and hydrate your feet. Green tea is used to reduce dryness of the skin and provides antioxidants for visibly younger, tighter, and radiant skin. Treatment begins with GreenTea Jelly scent to remove toxins and relax muscles...


Refresh and energize your feet. Eucalyptus rapidly refreshes with ultra hydration of your skin, and stimulates the mind to improve your energy levels...

Spa Pedicure - $28.00 (Traditional pedicure)

Deluxe Pedicure - $38.00
Traditional pedicure plus callus treatment, scrub exfoliation, Cucumber Melon scent, mint mask and massage.

For Nail Treament: Price depends on Length and Shape of Nails ***
For Manicure Treament: from $25.00 includes hot towel, warm paraffin wax, massge...Regular Polish color
For Pedicure Treatmet: from $45.00 - $75.00 includes callus treatment, hot towel, warm paraffin wax, hot stones, massge...Regular Polish color

--- Paraben free | Certified organic | Cruelty free ---

Option: Add On

  • Gel Color/French to any Pedicure $20.00/$25.00
  • Deluxe Pedicure Collagen Shocks $10.00
  • Jelly Pedicure - Relaxing and Fun $8.00

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