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Wax or Thread


Wax or Thread

Name Descriptions

Half Arms Wax - $30.00

Half Arms Wax

Full Arms Wax - $50.00

Full Arms Wax

Half Legs Wax - $35.00

Half Legs Wax

Full Legs Wax - $50.00

Full Legs Wax

Full Back Wax - $40.00

Full Back Wax

Chest Wax - $30.00

Chest Wax

Spa Pedicure - $28.00 (Traditional pedicure)

Deluxe Pedicure - $35.00
Traditional pedicure plus callus treatment, scrub exfoliation, Cucumber Melon scent, mint mask and massage.

For Nail Treament: Price depends on Length and Shape of Nails ***
For Manicure Treament: from $25.00 includes hot towel, warm paraffin wax, massge...Regular Polish color
For Pedicure Treatmet: from $45.00 - $75.00 includes callus treatment, hot towel, warm paraffin wax, hot stones, massge...Regular Polish color

--- Paraben free | Certified organic | Cruelty free ---

Option: Add On

  • Gel Color/French to any Pedicure $20.00/$25.00
  • Deluxe Pedicure Collagen Shocks $10.00
  • Jelly Pedicure - Relaxing and Fun $8.00

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